July 27 - Arrival at Terceira, Azores - 'All good things come to an end.'

The crew of leg 12. Photo: NIOZ.

All good things come to an end. So did leg 12, the last chapter in an epic 8-month adventure with RV Pelagia. Photo: Peter Kraal.

A bbq overlooking the immense Atlantic which we tried to understand a little bit better during our cruise.  Photo: Peter Kraal.

July 25 - Buoy testing and fishing

In addition to underwater video, water sampling, seafloor mapping and sediment coring, leg 12 also hosts field buoy testing and fishing. Photo: NIOZ.

Photo: NIOZ.

July 23 - Exploring sound, predators and prey

After an afternoon in a harbor on Terceira, RV Pelagia is off for the second part of leg 12. After the deep Atlantic, we will now explore sound, predators and prey in the waters around Terceira. Photo: NIOZ.

Another action-packed day aboard RV Pelagia during Leg 12. Deployment of brand spanking new video equipment, buoy recovery and... sample filtering. And more sample filtering. Photo: NIOZ.

July 22 - Finishing cruise report 12a

Finishing touches for the cruise report after a successful first part of leg 12. All geochemistry, ecology, plastic, acoustic samples are packed and ready to be analyzed. Photo: Rick Hennekam.

July 21 - Microplastics

Today, we deployed a manta trawl in the middle of the North Atlantic. Sad to see the high amounts of microplastics (mostly HDPE and PP) present in these remote waters. Is this the legacy we are going to leave behind for future generations? Photo: Matthias Egger, plastic researcher The Ocean Cleanup.

July 19 - First sediments

Always a great moment, the first sediments on board. Some big sediment and water column equipment deployed. And the first box core sampling for our chief Sabine Gollner. Photo: NIOZ.

July 18 - Preparation in full swing

This morning, we entered our research area. Now, after an exhilarating day, we have amazing seabed footage and unique water column samples. Leg 12 seems to be on a roll. Photo: NIOZ.

The CTD being prepared on deck of the RV Pelagia to take water samples. Photo: NIOZ.

Everyone is getting eager to start collecting samples. Whales and dolphins have been spotted, but mud is what we all really love. At least, Peter Kraal does.

A dolphin spotted from the RV Pelagia. Photo: Rob Buiter.

July 16 - Take off from Horta, Azores

RV Pelagia from enters the Porta harbor on the Azores, marking the start of our mid-Atlantic Ridge Adventure! Boarding today, exploring soon. More to come! Photo: Peter Kraal.

Scientists boarding for leg 12. Photo: NIOZ.